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Imagine if your organisation had the capacity to respond continuously to change thanks to a clear and common purpose, distributed authority and collective intelligence.

With these new ways of working, you will create crucial alignment, agile and resilient teams, and you will allow individuals to bring forth the best of themselves.

Learn how to use these emerging approaches to tackle business issues, achieve a meaningful success and shape tomorrow’s organization today.

About me

“…Very quickly I had the intuition that companies don't lack the brain power to solve their problems, but that they needed to cultivate a fresh approach to Change Management and Organisational Development….”

“… I firmly believe that new ways of working will not only revolutionize companies, but many facets of human society. That’s why this is an exciting time to be alive. And to be a consultant…”

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Consultancy Services

I help you evolve your organization into the «right» shape, at the right speed:

Collaborative intelligence for short term results

Faced with an immediate business challenge, align, engage and empower people through powerful and scalable collaborative dynamics to accomplish your ambitious goals.
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Self-organization: bringing your learning organisation to the next level

Set-up networks of purposeful, self-managed teams to increase your company’s resilience and capacity to adapt.
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Build capacity in collective intelligence  and develop your team of practitioners to support and scale up self management approaches.
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Available for conferences, Boards and Leadership Teams, on a variety of subjects including self-management, agile organisations, and collective intelligence using case studies.

Your return
on investment

The consultancy services described above, be they short term or long term, all require a certain investment in time and energy on your part. But the payback is worth it:

Clarity of purpose

By developing the sense making capacities of the organisation, all employees and stakeholders are able to grasp the team’s overarching purpose, be it to customers or society as a whole; thus enabling a form of “joint cognition”.

Operational Efficiency

Decision making and speed of execution are radically enhanced since everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibility and capable of making decisions at their level.


All actors in the system share a “Common Operational Picture” as the right information is flowing in the right directions.


The organisation is able to rapidly reconfigure itself to new situations, where decisions are taken at the tight place at the right time.
Happy people
In an environment when individuals are empowered to make decisions and contribute to clear purpose in a transparent environment, they will invest themselves responsibly in the outcome and bring out the best of themselves.