An exciting time to be alive and be a consultant

About me

I am a Canadian-American-Belgian based in Paris. I began working as a management consultant some twelve years ago, after working as as internet entrepreneur, a space industry analyst and in the non-profit arena on different continents. 

Very quickly I had the intuition that companies don't lack the brain power to solve their problems, but that they needed to cultivate a fresh approach to Change Management and Organisational Development. I plunged therefore into the world of learning organisations and collective intelligence, and co-founded with in 2007 Yuman, one of the first companies in France in this field. Eight years later, I left  in order to take a step further and contribute to the emerging discipline of self-managed organisations, based on Purposed based business, distributed leadership with new methodologies such as holocracy and TEAL.


Today, I help companies make the transition into living, purposeful, agile organisations, capable of overcoming the most complex business challenges. My diverse, multicultural background has coalesced into three domains of expertise:
First as a strategy consultant, I approach organisations from a hands-on business perspective, asking the right questions to truly understand your business. I am not afraid of P/L sheets, data crunching and analysis.      
Second as a collective intelligence architect, I design powerful collaborative processes that allow you to harness the full collective intelligence of your company and fulfil your organisation's Purpose..
Finally As facilitator, I manage group dynamics  with the firm belief that the people in your organization are capable of solving the trickiest problems. The experience we live during a seminar or event must be both intellectual and emotional for effective results. This is why our posture and presence can have a deep and positive effect.

Higher Ambition

I firmly believe that these new ways of working will not only revolutionise companies, but many facets of human society. A good thing too, given the challenges we will be facing in the world in the years to come both from a environmental and a technological perspective. 
For this reason, I devote 10% of my time to educational and societal projects and organisations.

More Personal

I am an avid reader of political philosophy and renaissance history since my college days, as I am fascinated by the way humans have thought of themselves as a society.
I have also spent twenty years practicing an obscure Chinese martial art called Bak Mei, eventually opening and running a kung fu school for ten years, before moving onto yoga.

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My Network

Over the past ten years,  I have slowly built-up a network of highly qualified specialists who are working in various fields of expertise:

Need an expert in M/A who can set up your Social Venture Capital Fund, or your internal Kickstarter?

Need the guy who brought Holocracy to France?

Need the man who has developed some of the most advanced collective intelligence training programmes for companies?

Need designers with many years of experience to work fulltime with your teams inventing your new services or rethinking your internal processes?

There are many many others.
Below a link to some of them!

Who have I worked with?

I have worked with over 50 multinational companies over the years, with top executive teams and middle managers. References can be provided per industry or per type of project.

And I also work for local non-profits