I’ve tried everything to empwer middle management, but they won’t budge, help!
How can I make sure that collaborative tools and processes are here to stay in my company?
How can I make my corporate university do more than train people, and actually transform our culture?
How can I run collaborative workshops to bring people and projects together to find innovative solutions?
How can I make sure we don’t depend on expensive consultants in our quest to become a more agile purpose centric organisation?

The greatest challenge in self-governance and collaborative intelligence is often importing the expertise to deploy these approaches in-house. A variety of different training formats can be designed, from 2 to 9 day programmes complete with coaching

Case study:

Multinational Bank

The challenge :

Top management decided that it was time to completely change the company culture to become more innovative and increasing leadership from the bottom of the organisation, despite the highly controlled an process oriented nature of the banking industry. But two management conventions latter, where they pulled out all the stops to encourage participation, the group had not budged.

The solution :

The entire twenty person change management team was trained and coached over a nine month period in collaborative design, tools and technics. Not only did they learn new skills, but they also shifted their posture and worldview in order to effectively embody the new culture of the organisation. They then embarked on a series of internal projects, partnering with operational managers, to deeply change management practices

Results :

• An expanding team of recognised change agents throughout the organisation

• Better working climate

• Over ten large projects successful implemented throughout the group using collaborative processes

• Full autonomy on the deployment