After working in the field of change management and collective intelligence for ten years, I have tried to boil down my driving beliefs into a few key points.

1 .

Digital communication is modifying the way people work together in all fields political, business even education. Skilful participation is the root of success.

2 .

People expect companies to play a major role in shaping the planet. There are no bystanders.

3 .

Organisations have a tremendous opportunity - and a great responsibility – to redefine their Purpose and contribute to a healthy, profitable ecology of customers , suppliers, employees  and society at large. This is “shared value”.

4 .

Leaders must explore how to embed this Purpose in all their choices and actions in order to remain efficient, and to act responsibly.

5 .

Today there is suffering  in organisations because of the disconnect between what the company is supposed to embody in its hyper-competitive environment, and what people are really  experiencing day to day.


The organisational dynamics and structure of a company strongly determines whether individuals bring out the best or the worst of themselves. The rules of the game prevail over individual aspirations.

7 .

Our challenge today is to deeply redesign  our ways of working. No amount of tweaking the ill adapted, tired, pyramid-matrix paradigm will work. We must be bold.

8 .

While we do not know exactly what form these new organisations will take,  they will definitely integrate: greater consciousness, liberation of individual and collective energy, and making people  the authors and actors of their working lives.

9 .

We believe that collective intelligence can be designed into efficient learning organisations to bring in innovative solutions that often come from the edge and not from the centre of organizations.

10 .

The companies that make this change are better place to work and have the chance to be more profitable and long lasting, and  contribute meaningfully to the world.